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Crested Gecko

Crested Gecko

Want to have a cool pet that not a lot of your friends will have? Consider a Crested  Gecko. They have a very docile temperament and are easily handled. To better understand the Crested Gecko as a pet reptile, we must first understand it’s instincts as a animal. The Crested Gecko is a creature very comfortable in a damp enviornment with plenty of climbing structures. They are a smaller reptile so they can be fearful at first.  These guys eat nector style foods that are mixed together easily and prepared daily by owners.  They will also hunt for small insects.  They don’t have an aggressive nature making them a great first pet reptile.  These adorable little pet reptiles love to climb on their owners with their awesome grip and prehnsile tails. This color morph is harder to find in a big box store.  At Exotic Pet Reptiles all our Crested Geckos are bred in captivity by private breeders to ensure the highest quality pet who is not affraid of human interaction.  We often have mulitple morphs available of Crested Geckos but these guys do find homes quickly because of their affordablity, ease of care and high quality.  If you are on the hunt for a pet reptile and looking for a quality, or cool pet reptile you won’t just find anywhere, Exotic Pet Reptiles inc. is your place to check out.  At Exotic Pet Reptiles we have all the products you need to help get your pet a comfy new home to set up! 

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