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High Red Bearded Dragons

High Red Bearded Dragons

Common Name: Bearded Dragon

Scientific Name: Pogona vitticeps

Distribution: Australia

Size: 16-20″Life Span: 5-15 years


Bearded Dragons are among the most popular pet reptiles in the hobby. Their interesting behaviors and docile nature make them an excellent pet for first time reptile hobbyists. All Bearded Dragons found in the USA are captive bred. Many different color morphs are becoming available making the Bearded Dragon a great choice for any level reptile keeper.


We have many Bearded Dragons available at this at this time.  They are priced based on morph and size.  Feel free to come visit them in person. If you are not local call for pictures and pricing and we can help you as well! All our pet reptiles come with our FREE grooming ( if applicable) and training for life. We want to see our friends end up with awesome setups and awesome homes so we consider it our duty to help get their new homes ready for success! Located at 2138 Empire Blvd in Webster, NY we ship around the country and offer videos and pictures for anyone who can’t make it out to us personally.

  • Habitat

    • Juvenile Bearded Dragons need a minimum 20 gallon terrarium. Juveniles can be housed together in a 30 gallon terrarium.
    • Adult Bearded Dragons need a minimum 40+ gallon terrarium.
    • Provide plenty of hiding and basking places.
    • Thick branches, rocks or Mopani Wood is an excellent choice for climbing and basking.
  • Diet

    • Bearded Dragons are omnivorous reptiles that change their diet throughout their lives.
    • Juveniles will need to be fed pinhead to small size crickets daily along with other small insects such as mealworms. Zoo Med offers a variety of Can O’ insects and canned diets that will make offering a varied diet convenient.
    • Collard or Dandelion Greens, Romaine lettuce, and other veggies can be offered 1-2 times per week.
    • Always remove uneaten food after each feeding.
  • Size

    Size of reptile: 16-20″ inches full grown

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